Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2017: Every Second and Every Penny of Gaming

Like every year, the year 2017 had 12 months. And I spent one of those months playing games. One month, 18 minutes, and 26 seconds, to be exact.

In 2016, I kept track of every game I played. People liked it, so in 2017, I upped the ante and kept track of every second and every penny spent on games--both videogames and tabletop games. If you like games and want to keep liking them and playing them happily, don't do this.

If you don't care about words and just want my data, go for it.

If you care a little bit about words, but not too much, I get it. Here's my main point: games should entertain, inspire, or both at all times. If a game is just dragging you along or employing you in repetitive tasks just for "rewards," stop playing. Get what you want out of your time and your life, don't get tricked out of it by someone else's greed.

If you care about words enough to read a lot of words, please, come with me....